Our Team of Optometrists at Spectacle Warehouse Atterbury, Pretoria

Spectacle Warehouse Atterbury Team Photo

Spectacle Warehouse Atterbury, Pretoria team member: Pieter Naudé Pieter Naudé

As an optometrist I have a holistic approach to eye health. All facets of optometry inspire me, and it will remain my passion. At a young age I was exposed to my mother’s condition of Keratoconus and a passion for complex corneal cases was born, and today it fuels my passion. Sports vision correction remains a complex area and being actively involved in various sports, such as Comrades and Sani2C, I understand the needs associated with this. Although I like to stay in-tune with most of the new developments in our industry (Mr. Gadget), it is my involvement with the Contact Lens Society of South Africa that has opened new horizons for me in the education of fellow colleagues. I thank Chris Faul (founder of Spectacle Warehouse) for the enthusiasm for the business of optometry, that today I am able to share.  

Spectacle Warehouse Atterbury, Pretoria team member: Mardeen Tait  Mardeen Tait 

Mardeen was born in Stellenbosch and has moved to various places in South Africa. Most of her primary education was in Bloemfontein. She studied optometry at Kovsies (University of Free State). Children are her passion. She had the privilege of working with an ophthalmologist and during this time had a great deal of exposure to the paediatric and pathology fields of optometry. She also has extensive experience in hard and scleral lens fittings. She really cares for people in general and wants to make a positive difference in the lives of everyone with whom she comes into contact. She is a mother of two and enjoys activities with her family and spending time with them outdoors.   

Spectacle Warehouse Atterbury, Pretoria team member: Chanté Roets  Chanté de Jongh 

Chanté grew up in Odendaalsrus, a small town in the Freestate. She obtained her Optometry degree at the University of the Freestate, Chanté enjoys being outdoors: anything from jogging and hiking to camping and going on a picnic! She takes pleasure in fitting scleral contact lenses and ortho-k contact lenses, but really enjoys all the aspects of optometry. Chanté chose Optometry because it creates a platform where she can interact with people on a personal and professional level. She wanted a career where she can improve and add value to a person’s quality of life. She says that in Optometry she can achive this by fitting contact lenses and spectacles and building relationships with her patients.   

Spectacle Warehouse Atterbury, Pretoria team member: Clive de Jongh  Clive de Jongh 

Clive grew up on a farm near Bethlehem in the Free state. He attended the University in Bloemfontein, and describes himself as a proud Kovsie! His hobbies include being outdoors, going for walks and he loves spending his free time by having a braai with family and friends. He is passionate about Optometry in general, and his main goal is to gain as must experience as possible in order to become the best Optometrist he can be. He has a special interest in sports vision. Clive loves working with people. "Being able to make a difference is what it’s all about!"   

Spectacle Warehouse Atterbury, Pretoria team member: Clive de Jongh  Stephanie Jordaan 

Stephanie was born and bred in Pretoria. She completed her studies at the University of the Free State. The best part of Optometry for her is walking a journey with her patients and being able to make a difference in their day-to-day lives. With the field of Optometry that is quite broad, she feels there is always something new to learn. Outside of Optometry, she enjoys being outdoors where she can appreciate the beauty of nature or to spend her time baking.