Blue Control Lenses

By Chanté Roets - (UOFS) CAS(SA)

Most of us spend the majority of our waking hours staring at a digital screen, whether it's the computer at work, our personal cell phone, playing a video game, or just relaxing and watching TV.  Digital eyestrain is a new term used to describe the conditions resulting from the use of today's trendy electronic gadgets. The evolution in digital screen technology has advanced dramatically over the years, and many of today's electronic devices use LED back-light technology to help enhance screen brightness and clarity.  These LEDs emit very strong blue light waves. 

Sunlight is made up of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet light. When combined, it becomes the white light we see. Each of these has a different energy and wavelength. Rays on the red end have longer wavelengths and less energy. On the other end, blue rays have shorter wavelengths and more energy. 

The largest source of blue light is sunlight. In addition, there are many other artificial sources of blue light: fluorescent light, CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs, LED light, flat screen LED televisions, computer monitors, smart phones, and tablet screens. Almost all visible blue light passes through the cornea and lens and reaches the retina. Our eyes' natural filters do not provide sufficient protection against  blue light rays from the sun, let alone the blue light emanating from these devices or from fluorescent-light tubes. This light may affect vision and could prematurely age the eyes.

If constant exposure to blue light from smart phones, tablets, and computer screens is an issue, there is a way to decrease the exposure to blue light: BLUE BLOCK LENSES

Don’t get it wrong. Blue light is also beneficial for your health, but not too much of it! It boosts alertness, helps memory and cognitive function and elevates mood. It regulates circadian rhythm – the body's natural wake and sleep cycle. Not enough exposure to sunlight in children could affect the growth and development of the eyes and vision.

Blue block is an anti-reflex coating on your spectacle lenses. Unlike regular anti-reflective coatings, blue block AR coatings are specially designed anti-reflective lens coatings that reflect off a percentage of blue light. These coatings allow beneficial blue light through to your eyes and reduce reflections and unwanted glare.