Comprehensive eye examination – what it entails

By Mardeen Tait - (UFS) CAS(SA)

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Why do a comprehensive eye examination every two years?

Are you wondering how often you should have an eye test? For many of us having an eye test is not the first priority but your vision is just as important as any other aspects of your health.

If you notice any change in your vision, you should book an eye test as soon as possible. Even if you haven’t noticed anything different you should still have an eye test every two years to prevent vision problems from developing in the first place.

Health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure can be detected with an eye examination, so even if you think you have perfect vision it is important to go for a check-up.

What does a comprehensive adult eye examination include?

  • A case history including past and present vision and medical issues, as well as a detailed family history. 

  • Analysis of the patient’s visual needs/demands at home, work and school. 

  • Measurement of the visual acuity of each eye (with and without correction)

  • Diagnosis of the prescription (focusing power of the eye). This can include a combination of objective (measurements) and subjective (patient responses to questions) techniques.

  • Binocular vision assessment (ability to see using both eyes together)

  • Colour vision evaluation

  • Assessment of the ocular health of the eye itself both inside and outside (Fundus photography included)

  • A neurological assessment of the visual system including a review of the pupil reactions, ocular motility, and a screening assessment of the peripheral vision.

  • Additional testing may be needed based on the results of the tests to confirm or rule out possible problems. When there is any underlying pathology suspected, a referral to an ophthalmologist is necessary before spectacles and or contact lenses can be dispensed.

You only have one pair of eyes, look after it!

Imagine a world without vision, not being able to use this important sense that helps you make the most difficult decisions in life.