Dry Eyes

By Estimarié de Wet - B.Optom (UJ) CAS(SA)

At Spectacle Warehouse we like to equip ourselves in all aspects of optometry to provide better care for our patients.

Dry eyes is a very familiar topic and most people have heard that they have this condition, however very few people know which type of dry eye they have and how to really manage it.
There are cases where dry eye symptoms can be treated by means of lubricating eye drops, but in most cases a more hands on approach is necessary.

During a Spectacle Warehouse eye test we try to go above and beyond by doing extra tests and evaluations and strive to provide the best eye care we possibly can.

Dry eye evaluation, treatment and management is a very complex field that no one understand fully yet, but we do know that the worst mistake one can make is to ignore or forget about it.

Dry eye disease is categorised in 2 main types: aqueous deficient and lipid deficient. Patients can also have a combination of the 2. Treatment depends on the type and the patient.

Dry eye is the cause of many symptoms that patients experience, this includes: redness, tearing, burning, grittiness, fluctuating vision, hazy vision and many more.  

The condition is also aggravated by environmental factors, medications, other diseases, clinical interventions and hormone therapy.

The Jenvis dry eye report is our new way of evaluating the type and severity of dry eye that a patient has. This report measures the quality of the tearfilm, meibomain glands and ocular surface. We use the results of this screening to treat or manage the cause of the dryness rather than only the symptoms.

We make use of the Blephasteam and moist warm compresses to open up the meibomian glands and soften the meibum. Expression is done to massage and clear the meibomian glands. We also recommend specific products to target specific problem areas when treating dry eye disease.

A treatment regime is compiled for every patient and improvement is monitored by doing follow up visits.

Every patient is unique and so are their eyes. To book a Jenvis dry eye screening and evaluation, please contact Spectacle Warehouse Atterbury to make an appointment.