Essilor VisiOffice System

By Chanté Roets - (UOFS) CAS(SA)

Essilor VisiOffice System

To get the full benefit of modern lens designs, it is necessary to go beyond the traditional measurements of pupillary distance and fitting heights. Visioffice is the cutting edge digital dispensing equipment that delivers an accurate, precise, and consistent way to fit our ever-evolving patient needs!

Visioffice provides individualized fitting measurements that are unique to each patient that allow for better optical performance of your new spectacles. It is used for any patient and any lens type. As spectacle optics have become more advanced, the fitting and measurements necessary to get the best performance from these new lenses has become more important.

The Visioffice takes the following measurements: 

1. Pupillary Distance: The Visioffice System measures the distance from the corneal reflection of the right eye to the left. The reflection is created by the central LED behind the mirror shining onto the surface of the patient’s eyes while the patient looks into the mirror.

2. Fitting Heights: The Fitting Height measurements are determined by calculating the distance between the patient’s corneal reflection and the lower edge of the lens. This is a very important measurement to ensure the optimal position of the prescription in front of the eyes of the patient.

3. Frame measurements: the Visioffice System will be able to display the Frame Measurements, including A (horizontal distance from the furthest left edge of the lens to the right), B (vertical distance from the furthest top edge of the lens to the furthest bottom edge), and DBL (the measurement of the bridge of the frame). Also shown will be Pantoscopic Angle, Vertex Distance, and Wrap Angle.

4. Eye Rotation Centre Distance: This is a measurement of the distance from the central point of the eye’s rotation to the back surface of the lens when worn. By utilizing the two pictures recorded during the Far Vision Measurement, the Visioffice System is able to calculate the real, rotational center of each of the patient’s eyes using stereoscopic, three-dimensional imaging.

 5. Head Cape: The Head Cape is the measured angle of the patient’s Natural Head Posture (NHP). When asked to look straight ahead, if the patient slightly rotates their head to the left or right while focusing forward, this is their Head Cape.

Visioffice ensures that your new prescription spectacles have optics that is perfectly aligned to your individual needs with this state of the art fitting system!