EyeZen lenses by Essilor

Nicole Herbert - B.Optom (UJ), N.Dip Optical Dispensing (CPUT)

Lockdown been tough on your eyes? Been spending way too many hours in front of your computer? Your eyes feel as if they have taken a beating after a long day in front of the screen? EyeZen lenses may be the perfect solution for you.

Using digital devices all day can cause unwanted eyestrain. EyeZen lenses can help your eyes to not only see better, but also feel more comfortable when using your smart phone, computer, tablet etc.

Excessive digital device use can cause the following symptoms:

  • eye fatigue

  • eye strain

  • dry eyes

  • headaches

EyeZen lenses have the following features :

  • The lenses have a distance and near correction without any tell-tale lines

  • Theses lenses can be used even when there is no distance prescription ( allowing you to be able to keep the spectacles on, unlike with reading glasses where you would have to constantly remove them in order to see in the distance )

  • Treated with high quality anti-glare coatings

  • Has 3 options for help with near vision ( based on each individuals needs )

Who would be possible candidates for  EyeZen lenses:

  • anyone spending time on digital devices

  • people who do a lot of near work

  • children

  • people who experience tired eyes at the end of their work day

  • early presbyopes who do not want to go into multifocals just yet

    So, if you spend hours a day in front of your digital device and experience any of the above symptoms, please chat to your optometrist to find out if EyeZen lenses could be the solution you are looking for.