Optical accessories for the entire family

By Gisela Steyn - B.Optom UJ(SA) CAS(SA)

At Spectacle Warehouse we provide a variety of optical accessories for the entire family. Below are a few examples that we have available in store.

Low vision devices 

We provide a variety of low vision devices to help with daily activities. The main types of low-vision devices for near tasks are either spectacle-mounted, hand-held, or stand magnifiers. The type of magnifier prescribed depends on what it is used for. 

Cleaning kits 

Even the best optics can be compromised by dirt, dust and the natural oils of your skin. Cleaning lens solution offers the high level of clarity without affecting the optical precision of our performance lens coatings.

Eye masks 

Having dry eyes is relatively common. It happens when tears can’t provide a good level of moisture for your eyes. Your eye’s moisture may be lacking for a few different reasons. A decrease in the production of tears, for instance, is one reason. Tear evaporation is another cause. Thankfully there are great ways to help. Eye masks to keep your eyes hydrated and feeling great. 

Spectacle cases  

We offer a range of spectacle cases to suit all styles and budgets with a true focus on innovation and quality.

Spectacle strings 

It's a string that enables you to suspend your high quality spectacle without fear of the spectacles falling down. Different styles and colours are available to choose from. 

Safety glasses 

We provide scripted or non-scripted safety spectacles. Safety spectacles are intended to shield the wearer’s eyes from impact hazards such as flying fragments, objects, large chips, and particles. 

Eye health vitamins  

Eye vitamins are supplements that support and improve your ability to see. Getting the right level of vitamins and minerals for your eyes can help maintain your vision as you get older.

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