Reasons why you need an extra pair of glasses

Jaco Woest - B.Optom (UJ)

Many people depend on their pair of glasses to function effectively on a daily basis.  This never becomes more apparent than when they are forced to go without them for a few days.  Here we will consider a few reasons why having multiple pairs makes a lot of sense.  

Just in case

As mentioned above, many of us require our glasses to perform our everyday tasks.  We need them for driving, reading or we might even get severe headaches when we don’t wear them.  Our dependence on our glasses is perhaps the most important reason why we should have a spare pair in the house.  Having a spare pair in a drawer can save us from an emergency trip to the optometrist or worse, having to struggle through a few days without them.   

Different time, different place

Another possible reason for having more than one pair of glasses is that this will allow us to have different pairs for different occasions.  A sporty frame with a changeable tint coating for running, a prescription sunglass for driving, a subtle pair with a blue light filter for work.  These are just a few examples of how different pairs might be more suited for certain applications, and another way multiple pairs can benefit us.


There is an idiom that states that “variety is the spice of life”.  It means that some variety can contribute to making life more interesting and enjoyable.  Different frames are a sure-fire way of adding variety to our appearance.  Our faces, and eyes especially, are the focal point of communication when interacting with others, and different colours and styles of frames can help us express ourselves.  

These are just some of the reasons why having more than one pair of glasses is a good idea.  They can give us peace of mind and serve as a back up in a crisis, they can fulfil different roles and they can help us add expression and variety to our appearance.