Testimonial from a grateful Mom

Vision & Learning

Vision therapy, a unfamiliar term for this remedial teacher. But a comfort for a mother of a 6-month-old boy diagnosed with alternating strabismus. To me it felt like a death sentence when the eye specialist first explained to me what is wrong with my son’s eyes. "Lord, why my child?" Desperately I started phoning around and asked friends if they knew of someone who could help. Unfortunately, I knew that if challenges and delays in visional development are not treated as soon as possible, it can change into large developmental obstacles as a child grows older. Intervention as soon as possible was crucial. 

Dawid's left eye turned in when he focused with his right eye and vice versa. At the same time he was very farsighted, a + 7 prescription. As a baby he was very focused on my voice and had a sensitive hearing. All this made sense when we realized he can't really see. For him, everything was one big blur. 

With a lot of uncertainty and mixed emotions, I met with the ladies of Vision and Learning. "Every journey starts with the first step". And this was the start of our journey. Little did I know where we would be today. 

Dawid started wearing eye patches and spectacles from the age of 6 months. We also had weekly visits with Andrea for vision therapy. We regularly consulted with Mardeen, the pediatric optometrist.  She answered my many questions and encouraged me with words of hope and wisdom.

At the age of 1 year, Dawid underwent strabismus surgery on his eyes. Throughout the stormy events of the day, my mind was at ease. Mardeen prepared me well and empowered me with the knowledge necessary to make a Mommy- heart strong. After the surgery we resumed the therapy again. 

It was like rain on dry ground. With each passing week I saw how Dawid started to develop new skills and discover the world around him. I was anxious because his milestone for crawling was delayed. He was not even bothered with walking. After every therapy session, I was put at ease and sent home with new activities, equipment and ideas to help Dawid at home. Each activity structured to support him in the various development phases. Throughout each season, we received so much support and encouragement. 

David is now 21 months old. Earlier in the week we went to see Mardeen for a new prescription. On arrival, Dawid instantly headed for the therapy room. With his hands held high and a smile that will melt your heart, he gestured his excitement to go to Andrea. In that moment I realized that my son is okay. All he remembers of the past year's events, is playful activities, many laughs and tons of love. 

 The road ahead is still long, but we are not traveling it alone. Some people say that they are not interested in vision therapy. They cannot see the notable difference this will make to their child's situation. Through this all, it just became more apparent to me that life is not altered by "quick fixes". But by dedicated effort over time. Only at the end of this year’s continues input and support of ladies who are passionate specialists in their field, do we now reap the rewards.  I can truly recommend them and their team.