What is AOSEPT contact lens solution and how does it work?

Sumayya Vanker - B.Optom (UDW)

There are two types of contact lens cleaning systems available today, Multi-Purpose Solution (MPS) systems and Peroxide systems. 

The most common is the MPS system which involves rubbing, cleaning, rinsing, storing and disinfecting of soft contact lenses with the same solution. The efficacy of the system depends on the contact lens user being regular and diligent with physically rubbing and rinsing the lens before and after storing it overnight in fresh solution. Most MPS have preservatives which can affect sensitive eyes as well as limited protein removal capabilities. 

AOSEPT contact lens solution is a hydrogen peroxide-based cleaning and disinfecting system for all types of contact lenses, both soft and hard. Peroxide systems have excellent disinfection efficacy, very effective protein removal and are preservative-free. It is highly recommended for all contact lens users particularly those with sensitive eyes, prone to allergies and sensitive to protein build up on lenses.

Unlike MPS though, hydrogen peroxide has to be neutralized, through an oxidation process by a platinum disc inside the lens case, over a period of 6 hours (minimum) before being safe for the eye and only the lens case provided with the peroxide can be used!!!


AOSEPT PLUS and AOSEPT PLUS with HYDRAGLYDE have a patented triple action cleaning process. Firstly, the hydrogen peroxide penetrates the lens matrix and disinfects against micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi and Acanthamoeba which are responsible for most contact lens related eye infections. Secondly, a built-in surface cleaner, Pluronic 17R4, breaks down and lifts away debris and protein deposits. And thirdly, the bubbling action (from the oxidation process) enhances protein removal. The AOSEPT PLUS with HYDRAGLYDE has the added benefit of keeping lenses moist and comfortable for longer hours through the addition of hydraglyde which is an effective wetting agent.


Aside from its excellent disinfecting efficacy, the other great benefit of using AOSEPT is the ease of use. Unlike MPS systems, there is no rubbing and cleaning involved, less handling and no scratching of the surface of lenses through rubbing, hence lenses feel smoother, comfortable and vision is clearer until the end of its 30 day use. In addition, most MPS users become complacent about cleaning lenses and often re-use the same solution that the lenses were stored in many times which, in layman’s terms, is like soaking your dirty dishes in the same used dishwater from the night before!!!

Below are the simple easy steps for AOSEPT disinfection:

  1. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly.

  2. Unscrew the cap of the AOSEPT lens case which looks like a clear plastic jar. The cap has a long rod with a basket for each lens marked R and L, and at the tip of the rod is the platinum disc.

  3. Remove each lens and place it into its relevant basket.

  4. Flip open the red cap of peroxide solution and squirt for 5 seconds over the lenses.

  5. Rinse the lens jar with peroxide ONLY and then fill it up to the marked fill-line with peroxide. Do NOT overfill or underfill.

  6. Place the lens rod into the jar and screw on tightly.

  7. Never shake the jar and ensure that the jar is kept upright.

  8. Leave it to neutralize for a minimum of 6 hours.

  9. Once 6 hours have passed, remove lenses from neutralized solution and insert lenses directly into your eyes. Throw out neutralized solution thereafter.

Note the following precautions:

  1. Ensure that peroxide solution is always tightly closed and kept out of reach of children and non-contact lens users.

  2. Never insert lenses into your eyes after being rinsed with un-neutralized peroxide.

  3. The AOSEPT lens case must be replaced with a new case every month as the platinum disc wears out after 30 days.

  4. Read the package insert thoroughly before use.

Although it may sound daunting, AOSEPT is overall much more effective in cleaning, disinfection, use and comfort of contact lenses than any MPS system. 

In layman’s terms, what AOSEPT does for contact lenses is what “Vanish” washing powder does for clothes. It is thus highly recommended for ALL contact lens wearers especially during this time of COVID 19 and can be found at all our Spectacle Warehouse stores as well as most pharmacies.