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Dry Eyes

By Estimarié de Wet - B.Optom (UJ) CAS(SA)
August 2019 — 37 views

Readymade Readers vs. Custom Prescription Spectacles

by Suzanne van Zyl - B.Optom (RAU)
August 2019 — 48 views

How does ageing affect the Eyes?

by An Optometrist, Spectacle Warehouse Kenilworth
August 2019 — 40 views

Scleral Contact Lenses: are you a candidate?

By Thabang Malambe - B.Optom (UJ)
July 2019 — 178 views

Computer Vision Syndrome

By Stephanie Venter - B.Optom (UFS)
July 2019 — 190 views

Headaches and the eye

By Stephanie Venter - B.Optom (UFS)
July 2019 — 147 views

Blue Control Lenses

By Chanté Roets - (UOFS) CAS(SA)
July 2019 — 183 views

Comprehensive eye examination – what it entails

By Mardeen Tait - (UFS) CAS(SA)
June 2019 — 319 views

Myopia control

By Chanté Roets - (UOFS) CAS(SA)
June 2019 — 225 views

More about Low vision diagnosis and helpful aids

By Estimarié de Wet - B.Optom (UJ) CAS(SA)
June 2019 — 277 views

Why good vision with sport can help you reach your peak levels of performance

By Clive de Jongh - B.Optom (UOFS) CAS(SA)
May 2019 — 327 views

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