Paediatric Optometry
Vision and Learning

Children are very resilient, they don't know when the world is blurry that its not normal, they just adapt.  During the younger years their world is all play, but when they start to read and write difficulties arise. Start with the eyes, 80 % of what a child take in during the day is through the eyes, if the visual system is not working properly, they loose 80% of input.  We do indepth tests with children and we have an holistic approach with all the therapists and doctors involved in the child wellbeing. We see them from baby to teenager.

Learning problems are often related to vision problems. At our in-house Vision and Learning Centres, we strive to help every child reach his/her full potential. 

Our visual therapists co-manage vision development problems with our paediatric optometrists. A referral to our optometrists for a comprehensive eye examination from the Vision and Learning Centre, is charged at a preferential fee of R190.

Services offered:

  • Vision therapy to treat each individual's specific needs

  • Visual perceptual skills testing and treatment

  • Computer-based reading and perceptual exercises

  • Vision screenings presented in office and at schools 

  • Specialised stimulation programs adapted for children with disabilities

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Visual Therapy

We have experienced visual therapists that work with our optometrists that specialise in peadiatric optometry.  Reading and learning difficulties are sometimes due to the 

visual system that is not functioning fully. We do visual therapy with children at our premises and then see them weekly and work to help the visual system to work to it full potential. 

Fun activities to do with kids at home:

Straw Sorting

This activity is great for visual spatial relations, motor planning, colour recognition and hand-eye coordination.

Collect your used toilet rolls and get some straws or chop sticks. Punch a few holes in the toilet rolls and have your kids get as many straws through as they can.

Playdough Object Sorting

This is an awesome visual perceptual activity for your little ones.

All you need is a pot of playdough and some toys! These can be mini characters, puzzles pieces, blocks or anything you have at home.

Colour Car Game

All you need are different coloured tapes that match the colour of your toy cars. You can also use any of your children's favourite toys!

This activity is great for visual tracking, midline crossing, motor planning, colour perception and visual spatial relations.

Pull the String

A great activity for visual tracking, hand-eye coordination and saccadic eye movements.

With used toilet rolls and a shoelace, first ask your child to thread the shoe lace, as shown in the picture. Then have them pull one end and follow the shoelace with their eyes as it unravels itself.